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A Love Like Fireflies

By Sanjana Atwal

You messed up with my sorrows,

You wore a disguise of an antihero ,

You entangled my hopes with your love,

and that's how it all had begun...

You are more of a beautiful dream,

than a complicated reality,

that I kept losing myself

everytime I try to fight it...

I tend to resist my thoughts

that made their way back at you,

until I surrendered to the destiny,

and let myself grow through...

And then there came the time,

when I was you more than myself,

so I let it engulfed me

from your habits to your smell...

I wonder sometimes,

how you invaded into my dreams,

and now when I think of it, I realised,

It doesn't need any of the extremes..

Just the smallest gestures

and genuine promises that swooned me,

until our paths conjoined,

and that's how beautifully you ruined me...

By Sanjana Atwal

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