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A Love Letter

By Krisha Kaushal Dave

Even though after all the experiences I would still date me

I am the most caring person I know,

Who would wait for you outside even when it snows,

Almost all love languages work for me,

But in physical touch you will see me be the most vulnerable I'll ever be.

I'll reassure you by poems about us

and my insecurities can create a fuss,

But don't worry I'll let go,

I'll be the one who says “let’s go with the flow",

But I'll be right there on my bed at 2 am,

Thinking about how our kids will look,

As if u are a fairy-tale right off a book,

I love you although I might say it to all my friends

But to u I will say be my man through the dark nights I spend,

Keep me warm the feeling I get only when I hug you,

I'll feel lonely sometimes but those moments will only be a few,

Because I know,

Someone is standing in the snow,

Waiting to hold my hand,

As we together walk towards a warmer land.

By Krisha Kaushal Dave

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