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A Long Wait

By Keerthana T E

‘Patience pays’ — a phrase that’s of common use in lot of instances. But at what cost? How long? To whom should I wait for? Why should I wait? What’s in it for me? Who’d care ? — Valuable questionnaire. Well, I may have missed a few more self doubting questions in the list and your mind is flooding in with loads and loads of questions demanding for answers.

But Hey!

Generally, we do question ourselves to seem sensible and logical with our actions. Nevertheless, a great approach towards life (or should I say, just a part of life) . Waiting for a response or a result is not a bad thing until we are persistent enough to hold on to it with brute honesty and faith. The selfless-motive drives this kinda Patience completely to another level which leads to gaining the right Trust, aiding for the ship to sail in the strongest of the ocean currents.

Thus, yes, Patience is yet another key for a strong bond. Any kind of bonds!

Look around! We’d find a huge lot of real life examples.

A shopkeeper waits for his customers to pick up stuff from store just so he could earn some penny for his bread, a chef waiting for the bread to raise after adding the required amount of yeast, a bartender working his way through the shaker, jigger, bar spoon, etc to get a right drink to you, even a customer waiting for his drink. Irrespective of any power or position, ‘Wait’ is inevitable.

One of the honourable professions — Defence Army, though aggressive, they too have to serve a ‘patience’ period and make the right payoffs to hit the target so that they don’t end up endangering many other innocent lives. Another selfless job — Parenting, demands years of patience to raise a child and provide a healthy platform, so that the kid can create his/her own identity, without any pushback from the rich of ancestral benefits.

Practically thinking, we’d not be able to expect Patience from a new born child but from the parents who rise the child through the years. Animals generally have five senses, although ferocious, only attacks when provoked. Notice this! Even the animals display good amount of Patience before getting angry and tearing us apart, so what exception are humans who mostly deal with humans?

Examples are endless, but what does one personally feel during this long long notice period?

Flat out, it’s heavy! Not as easy as arranging words on a blog. And again, carrying the same mental attitude forward with the positive spirit is a ‘Not an easy task’. A dire bid! or so we could just presume. Not because of its complexity but due to its call for extreme mental strength. An individual with patience, holds on to one’s faith without any expectations, knows not the results (doesn’t expect any results), learns to hold on though it feels wounding all long, experiences emptiness and most of all learns to lean in to the selfless giving.

But why all the fuss if you’re really not going to benefit out of it?

Nothing in the world is free and certainly no discounts for humans! All we receive at the very end is what our heart truly desires with the complimentary benefit of someone’s trust and needless to say, entitled with the responsibility to uphold the earned trust.

See? Nothing materialistic, nothing complicated and definitely nothing unwelcoming or stupid.

Patience isn’t a racist! It doesn’t matter what you’re waiting for. Whether anything materialistic or unbounded, all are equal under the esteemed Laws of Patience. You just need to request for a practically meaningful aspiration and remember to keep up to your word with your actions, since you’re going to live through it.

Even if you hanker for anything materialistic, it still ends up with the emotions as soon as the reward is received — Joy! And wishing for something unconditional, Ah! Nothing to comment on, purely emotions take an upper hand! Isn’t all of this worth climbing the huge wall of Patience without any rope to pull you.

The wall was definitely not built in a day. It’s years or anticipation with constant effort to up the peak. Let me also share a little secret! It’s you who would have masoned your wall of patience. Right from the beginning, it was all self built wall with every brick (desires) being cemented with your love and care so that you could stand on the wall trusting no one but yourself. Expecting no one to drop a rope from the top but YOU carefully climbing the strongest of the walls without anyone’s support. All of this possible with your pure intentions, doing your own thing at your own pace and PATIENCE!

Let’s start answering few questions that we raised in the beginning, with few other questions!

Do you think that the cost and the price that you’ve paid for something that helped you discover yourself was anything worth to be put on a balance sheet? For the time you’ve invested, to build the wall of your empire called ‘Life’ would probably be incomparable.

What’s in it for you? When the return gift itself is knowing yourself and earning the trust from the people you love, do you think this might turn out to be a fair question?

Lastly, ‘Who’d care?’ — Why would anyone need to care for you building up your wall of patience to create an empire of yourself? Pst! Unless someone is jealous ! ;) But yes, Your patience does care for someone else when the reasons are not tangled but noble. The sense of self-comfort that Patience brings to you when shown with your closely cherished ones is not doubt, beyond words!

By Keerthana T E

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