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A Long Haul

By Yash Pandiya

Walking the long path alone

Facing thunderstorm by myself

Blazing fire chasing me

Silently wishing for help

A long journey indeed

Spectating my self-doubt

Brisky wind welcoming me

Lonely and surrounded by a crowd

Embracing the dusk

Waiting for the dawn

It will surely welcome me

Floating leaves are the ones to whom I belong

There I see a divergence of path

A dilemma strikes the mind

Feeling to choose one and avoid other

Time passes and makes me feel I am falling behind

Starry night pleasing my inner self

Artic night shaking me from head to toe

Witnessing the cold betrayals

Making me think who is a friend and who is foe

There comes the ups and downs of a road

There comes the feeling of fear

Echoing thunder trying to tell me

There is a lot more to bear

There comes the cyclone

Walking the long path alone.

By Yash Pandiya

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