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A Lone Star

By Yamini Singh

On a clear city night,

From the view of a busy street,

I saw a star from my window.

It was fairly brighter than other in the distant corner.

“Is that a sad star or

Just trying to be different”, I amused myself.

I hope to find a connection to understand it,

I hope to find a way to communicate with it.

Presumably it felt like me,

Standing alone in the dark land of somewhere,

Stuck in the vast galaxy of possibilities,

But still, finding itself hopeless.

“Are you really hopeless or just being hard on yourself”, I wish I could ask it.

Words didn’t come out of my mouth and my heart felt heavy,

The sound of city doesn’t bother me now.

The star kept me awake that night.

That busy city street is now silent.

And then, I heard a voice calling my name,

“You are being hard on yourself, I am not alone

I just making my way towards my future. Look up, I am surrounded,

I am surrounded by the vast galaxy of possibilities; I am surrounded by friends from everywhere.

And so are you. You are neither alone nor imperfect. Wake up, and you’ll find yourself in the sea of possibilities.”

And then I opened my eyes hoping to see my lone star.

Only to find it fading away with a strike of new day light and a ray of hope covering its way.

By Yamini Singh

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