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A-Live Life

By Arihara Sudhan R

Born as a permutation of A-G-C-T-U;

As a solution to a problem that's upcoming new.

Seeded perfectly as needed;

Ready to be kneaded and molded.

Was a female floating in the dark;

If needed then commuted to a male with a spark.

Just to collide with another female in future;

Continuing what is predetermined by nature.

Crawling, eating, crying;

Learning, earning, dying;

What's interesting in this journey?

Is it just all about you and me?

No, it's about experiences that we carry;

In the given time that doesn't tarry.

It's about the pieces of mind and heart;

That shouldn't be apart.

If it is pain then it is agony;

If it is bliss then it is harmony.

It's about every thought that fired

And about every emotion that got wired

A meaning for every suffering;

A meaning for every chemical buffering.

Approaching with a cordially eye;

Which each heartbeat never deny.

Embarking with a prosperous light;

Against a tedious dark to fight.

Living life alive;

As a piece of contribution to the greater hive.

By Arihara Sudhan R

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