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A Little Bit Of Kindness

By Sofi Tyagi

I saw a little Sparrow once.

She was tiny, and covered in blood.

A wound marred her, a horrible fate,

She was dying, that little bird.

I asked her what caused her to hurt,

A hawk with sharp eyes and talons?

Or was it the canopy of wires on the streets,

Cruelty of people or the unforgiving weather?

She stayed silent, she was but just a bird,

A bird flightless and dying alone.

I sighed and picked her up,

In my palm did she fit, that tiny bird.

It doesn't matter what hurt her after all.

But that she was hurt and I was there,

So I took her home, nursed her back to health,

Gave her shelter, food, water and love.

With time and care the tiny little bird,

She healed and she chirped happily.

And finally came the day she flew away on her way.

One day after when years had passed,

I was looking out of my window.

I saw a family of sparrows,

So tiny just like my little bird,

And I thought about how hurt she was.

All that was between life and death,

Was a little act of kindness on my part.

I smiled then and thought maybe that's all it takes,

Just a little act of kindness now and then,

From me to you and you to me,

To keep the world rotating.

By Sofi Tyagi

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