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A Life With Her

By Aditya Swami

I love you, or this face is still a thought,

As you carry beauty of both sorts.

My perplexed mind feels safe when you are around,

This calmness, serenity of yours,

Answers all my thoughts.

A walk uphill is not tiring anymore,

Your hand is like an antidote,

An anecdote about you, can fill my blank pages.

I am thrilled for those who would read about you,

After we are gone.

If world can’t be perfect,

God can see how you are,

The only exception he made so far.

One day my hands will not stay strong enough,

To save you from heaven’s call,

Would I scream in agony

Or become your co- passenger,

For our next innings in that other world,

So far.

Imagine that world where lovers don’t die,

I would never cry,

Here we aged slowly, just laughed,

Holding hands,

Walked along shore,

Where sun never sets.

Material goods don’t exist or value now,

Love’s the only currency allowed,

Crime and terror are just like thoughts,

Not present in real now,

Here our complaints are only about,

How we never grow old to know,

Next whereabouts,

May such a story finds a place,

In memoirs of children, in books of teens,

Who have lost all their faith.

In a world so lovely,

So far.

By Aditya Swami

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