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A Letter To Universe

By Dr Foram Parikh

Dear Holy Year,

As 2022 sets and lets the elder sibling rise, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude -

‘Dear 2022 - You've taught me more than you could ever imagine or would have wanted, and I've learnt way more than I thought I would!

So thank you, for all of that!’

And now as 2023 dawns, a simple note to you my dear –

‘Dear 2023 - Kindly be assured that your younger sibling taught me a lot!

You can teach me too, but please do that tenderly, with love and care. Strict would be okay I guess, but not harsh please!

Now that I belong to the Capricorn tribe, do I get to ask a New Year wish, since it’s my season already?!’

I don’t want much, just the obvious (you see, I am a Capricorn, I don’t want much fuss) –

‘Could you make me so important that I no longer have to introduce myself?! Just the name suffices?! When would it happen, that even if somebody forgets to write down my address on the parcel, it still does reach my doorstep?!

But having said that, at the same time, I want to remain humble enough, that when I walk through the room, i can put people at ease and not intimidate them with my presence.’

As I turn a year older and wiser this Capricorn season, my dear Universe; please be easy on me, because, i am still learning - to love, and yet let go; to hold, and yet set it free. Please send tangents to my aura this year, I have enough parallel lines as it is!

Your favourite,


By Dr Foram Parikh

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