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A Letter To Nature

By Ayana Fotedar

Dear Nature,

I know it is unusual that I am writing a letter to you, but this is the only way I can convey my feelings to you. As you know that this present COVID – 19 pandemic has forced humankind into lockdown. I don't like this period and hate it, yet sometimes I feel good about it because I know the troubles humankind have given you. I know that we have caused you so much harm, I know that you are doing this to heal yourself but are you not like a mother to us? A mother as a person cannot bear seeing her children suffer with pain. Sure, a mother does punish her children but, not in a way they would suffer. Sure, you should punish us, but do you think this is the right way? I do not care about the lockdown nor do I care about wearing masks and gloves every time I step out of the house. What I really care about is the people who are infected by this disease/virus. Don't you see how much they are suffering? Again, I repeat, "Punish us but not in a way we suffer."


Yours Lovingly,


By Ayana Fotedar

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