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A Letter To Myself

By Pooja Gupta

I can't remember the last time you smiled for real.

I’m talking to you — Mr/Ms ‘Fake Smile’.

Your sparkly eyes seldom fail to hide your woes from the world. But I want you to know, when you sit alone, isolated, questioning life, even when nobody does, I will understand. And no matter how easy it is to give up; choose to fight, I’ll be right by your side.

I know that you’re scared to the core. But don’t forget, what you give power to, has power over you, only if you allow it. So don’t let yourself get crammed into the fear-box. Tame your fears and set yourself free, fly!

Your idleness will lead you to mediocrity. Don’t settle for mediocre, intimidate the world with your competence, and revolutionise the global assemblage.

Embrace and cherish the valuable lessons that failures teach you. Persevere. Set your bars high. Be better than the best.

Fabricate your own personalised definition of ‘success’. It never is about the name, fame or affluence. It indeed is about ‘originality’. Success will then truly be ‘yours’. You’ve forgotten the magic of your art. Remember, the glory of your art is not defined by how many other people like your art; a like from your heart and soul is worth its weight in gold.

You are ‘imperfectly perfect’, and don’t let anyone ever make you believe otherwise. While you strive for perfection, remember that imperfections are what add the ‘life’ to your perfect life. There’s nothing wrong with a little flexibility.

Keep ingeminating yourself that you are beautiful, one of a kind. And you shall experience your inner strength radiate. Do exactly what pleases you. Be selfishly independent. Although it is a misprized characteristic, be who you are irrespective of what others want you to be. Ensure that a constant bell rings in your head, reiterating to you, that being forthright is not a flaw, it is but a strength. Don’t ever let anyone sway your opinions.

Constantly seek a reason to keep that sunshiny smile turned on.

By Pooja Gupta

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