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A Letter To My Heart

By Avinaba Sarkar

Why do you doubt?

You, who reside in me.

What is this all about,

Deciding me?

Are words enough,

To convince thee?

How you trust the darkness,

Whom you can’t even see?

Why do you doubt?

You, who reside in me.

I dream to see her

As the Sun goes down;

When there isn’t light

And no one’s around.

And not in her eyes,

Nor by words she’ll speak;

Only through a scent

Which for ages I seek;

I yearn to breathe that love

Dear heart of mine.

A love of which

Wisemen speak.

Her feelings for me

Are far from touch can tell;

No senses that be,

But my soul can smell.

Do you yet need to hear

Just from her mouth?

Beloved friend,

Why do you doubt?

By Avinaba Sarkar

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