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A Letter To My Future Self

By Aanya Mittal

Dear future me,

You’re probably reading this and cherishing all the memories.Firstly, Congratulations on being alive now. How's everything going? Do you still use gmail or is it now redundant. I mean it must be cool living with all of those high tech machines and has AI taken over the world or is it just a conspiracy. I bet you’re reading this letter wishing to go back in time to tell me the rights and wrongs and wanting to tell me that everything is going to be more than alright. Before I talk ahead we have a few things to discuss. Have you learned to whistle yet or are you still a noob at it? I hope you’re happy with your life and are successful in terms of social wellbeing,career,physical and mental health. I know everyone says this but always remember to follow your dreams and life is short so I hope you or should I say I make it count.

I can't wait to be you.

Signing off,

Young you

By Aanya Mittal

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