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A Letter To My Friend

By Unnati Naik

Dear close long distance friend,

It's been a while. Sometimes even after yesterday's conversation I feel it has been a while since we had a conversation.

I always wonder, isn't chatting just a means to pass time?

The use of those emojis, the use of gifs, is it lack of expression or lack of expressive words?

Is it the need to hold on to the person.. While you are too full of words to frame a sentence or is it a way of leaving your last imprints?

Cause you're too busy or disinterested to follow through the life patterns of the other.

I'm glad we have conversations. With powerful words, playful too. With adjectives and phrases. With emotions and meaning. You tell me you want this conversation to never end, I tell you they have to, for us to have it again. We're both too good, you see?

With words. With each other. For each other.

I'm looking for a purpose. Have I told you before? Not a reason for surviving but a reason for my existence. It's different, like the should and must. And while I do so, I carry a bag. A bag filled with a bucket of secrets. A bucket of history in my geography. I slowly started giving you some of my gems to hold on to. And I hope you're holding on well. Aren't you?

My close long distance friend. Top 3, you said? That's overwhelming. Sometimes I may not be able to give you solutions to all your problems but yet, I want you to, hence you must call me back (fullstop) It's a statement. No options, mandate there...

Yeah, the dot dot dot, to signify our undone story.

I'll wait. For your sometimes lame, sometimes interesting and witty calls. For our long conversations that have the capacity to go all night.

Till then, do sketch me, from your memory. With love, of course.

Tata :)

By Unnati Naik

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