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A Letter To My First Love

By Arihara Sudhan R

On the day of my first weeping; Rather looking at my light I was sleeping. There you held me as if your eternal wish; And gave me an unmatchable maternal kiss. I was ashamed again to see your face; That I caused you pain to be in this place. What is the real reason for your pain? Just for my gain? You are an encyclopedia of my actions. You admire even my abominations. You are the cause for my every dignified stature; You are truly a gift of nature.

How are you able to give infinite care? Even at those times unfair. You took risks for me that I don't even dare; And suffered all losses that I can't even think to bear. What can I do to overtake you? Even giving all will be few. Affection of you on me is still a great mystery; Fearing this will become history.

You certainly are and will be my first love;

With that said it's time to sign off this letter now.

With all my dignity I just bow;

Down before your selfless love.

By Arihara Sudhan R

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