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A Letter To Mother

By Srijita Chakraborty

If I come sleeping in the box, flowered for mine

Tell my mother that I am fine.

If I don’t respond still after giving the loudest horn,

Tell my father – a hero is born.

If I come home wrapped in the tricolours’ care,

Tell my sister that there is nothing to get scared.

Tell her that her brother is not crying under her mother’s care,

Instead, he’s laughing under Mother Earth’s layer.

If people come to meet me in white colored dress,

Tell my brother that it’s the time to take stress.

Tell him that his brother is going to sleep as his mind needs some rest,

But he should be ready to give his best.

Shivering in the cold, burning under the Sun,

Tell the neighbours that we are scared of none.

India is our mother who taught us to fight,

Even in the day or at the night.

The tri-colour wants to shine,

So, our Mother India has proudly given the responsibility on the shoulder of mine.

So let me cover myself with fire,

To make the people sure that our motherland is not a liar.

So now don’t sit near my flame and cry so loud,

I’m a soldier born to die with a shout!

By Srijita Chakraborty

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