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A Letter To Life!

By Divinya Banerjee


I know we haven’t been in touch for a while,

But amidst all the transient hustles,

I’d always wave at you from afar a mile.

As you know, the last few years have been tumultuous,

Nothing less than a roller coaster quite tempestuous!

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to chase my shooting star,

But you led me on…like a guardian angel from afar!

You took your own turns,

To unravel every mystery.

Little did I know,

That you were paving the way for my victory.

And at times when circumstances didn’t turn out in my favor,

I still depended on you for strength and fervour.

While the Sun was a witness to the toils and turmoils,

The Stars lent their ears for all my complaints and sorrow.

You whispered words of wisdom in the night,

As the moon shone for a more hopeful tomorrow.

With you I have rejoiced in joy,

With you I have shared my tears…

You gave me the power to destroy,

All my inhibitions and fears.

With you I have learnt to embrace defeat with grace,

And to accept my flaws with a benign smile on the face.

You have taught me to celebrate and spread my virtues,

Through you, I’ve grown to believe in things which may be too good to be true!

As this very moment, as I pen down my thoughts with a blissful sigh,

I see myriad of moments that have passed by…

It’s your power that has kept me enthralled,

You are the reason I’ve lived it all.


Dear Life,

Thank you for being the best companion,

And the wisest critique.

Thank you for instilling faith and reassurance in me,

At times of despair and fatigue!

Thank you for relentlessly running by my side,

even when you needed a break, I let it slide.

Take this as my promise to abide by you a little more,

So that together we can create magic galore!

By Divinya Banerjee

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