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A Letter To All The Letters I Never Posted

By Amal Varghese

Hello there! My pile of regrets,

Hello there! my pile of reliefs,

Hello there! my pile of shame,

Hello there! my pile of incompleteness.

Ah my first group! largest in number, filled with despondence.

You were the ones for whom I took the most time;

making you reach your destination,

would have made my life less excruciating.

Oh my second pile of letters, inexorable one,

posting you would have made me swoon,

would have meant an end to my love knot.

Would make me an imbecile being.

Aww, the third pile - that all would relate

Looking at you I get the gist,

of my awkward and cringy teen years.

To my surprise, you make my face glum and smiling.

By Amal Varghese

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