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A Less Sleepy Night

By Barsha Priyadarshini

I know everyone is sleeping

Yet I am awake again this night

Thinking about the reasons, Why can't I fall asleep?

At that hour of the night when

The busy streets are left empty

The neighbour's windows are dark

The owl preys on fireflies

And the dogs stuck with their bark.

Still I repeat my question, Why can't I fall asleep?

When my body clock keeps drowsing

With tons of request to hit the bed sooner

But I won't sleep, instead keep thinking that

"Sleeping is a struggle these days"

Holding my phone which keeps my eyes open.

How come I slumber with ease after saying

"Let me take a nap" every afternoon

Then can't sleep at night

When I actually need to rest soon.

When I was a kid my dad narrated many stories to sleep

Stories still clung to my ears too deep

And let me believe in every line of the tales

A way more than my belief on me always fails.

I wish falling asleep was easy like in those fairytales

Where all you need is an old spindle

And your finger to prick on

The moment next you fall asleep until

Wilds have grown up in the castle's lawn.

A Prince rides through them and stops by and his horse..Wait !!!

Someone just walked into my room I already feel drowsy so soon

Then I fell in a sleep less peaceful but more of fear

The lights are on and Mom stands here.

By Barsha Priyadarshini

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