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A Lament For Mortality

By Aarif Khan

In the hushed and sombre silence, as twilight's cloak descends,

The mortal heart, in quiet despair, faces the fate that time portends,

A journey through life's winding roads, an odyssey fraught with strife,

Yet, in the end, each path we take, converges to the dusk of life.

In the forest of existence, where shadows dance and daylight wanes,

The spectre of our parting hour, a haunting presence, ever remains,

An echo in the twilight air, a whisper in the sylvan gloom,

The spectre of mortality, a harbinger of our impending doom.

As the sun dips low, a golden orb, in the vast celestial sphere,

The mortal heart, a quivering leaf, trembles in the face of fear,

For as the night, with stealthy tread, approaches with relentless pace,

The spectre of our final hour, we cannot flee nor can we chase.

The glistening dew upon the grass, like tears that mourn the passing day,

A tribute to the fleeting beauty of life, as it slips away,

For every breath we take, my friend, each heartbeat in our breast,

Brings us closer to the twilight hour, the inevitable end to our quest.

Yet in this sombre elegy, where sorrow casts its pall,

A glimmer of solace may be found, a balm to hearts enthralled,

For as the sun sets in the west, and darkness veils the land,

The stars, like beacons in the night, illuminate the cosmic strand.

And so, we journey through the dusk, the spectre of death beside,

A constant, inescapable shadow, a presence we cannot hide,

Yet in the face of this darkness, as the twilight hour descends,

The heart finds solace in the stars, a light that never ends.

In the inevitability of our final hour, as the sun sets in the west,

Let us embrace the beauty of the night, and seek solace in its rest,

For though the spectre of death may haunt, and twilight's hour befall,

The stars above shall light our way, a promise of eternity's call.

By Aarif Khan

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