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A Heart Trapped In Her Windowpane

By Disha Ransingh

Beneath the afterglow, saw her eyes glimmering through the windowpane

Deep brown as a driftwood, with tulips and iris resting in its plane

And mystically I became those longing riptide waves

Just to come to shore for caressing it’s enchanting edge

Like this single second was some seven years of paradise

As I felt my heart beaming, but it’s beat echoed on her doorsteps, outside

I knew from then how my soul tried to bask in her sunlit spring

As my mother said her family was the new tenant in the neighbouring building

From then on I started writing in the breeze of our balcony

Just to get a glimpse through the windows of her sitting in a chair of ebony

I too started ambling on the driveway under the late evening sky

Just to see her or at least her shadows when I utter a nervous sigh

So days passed and I followed my daily pattern woven by heart

But one day her eyes caught mine looking at her, and I froze like a hidden art

So as this, growing cherry blossom rested underneath my chest

I imagined two birds tweeting in its branch with a breeze brushing their crest

Somehow, in some arcane way, I always closed my window curtains

Just to hide the red rose tinge on my face, if she ever catches my eyes again

But I knew this feeling was just a bottle of scent on the edge of a rack

A single blow of wind broke it, leaving all nose to have my secret spark

As under a blue sky, my mother introduced me to the known unknown neighbour

While I let myself breathe like a gentleman while smiling a little sober

Then I caught myself sleepless yet dreamed of her in a dreamscape

Of how in the first meet, her hair swayed letting my heart an escape

Slowly she left her footprints on the concrete of our doorstep

Either to convey a message to my mother or ask for a help

When I dreamed if she just came for me and my heart that she kept

It too started with silence when her mother invited me home

As I coughed and swallowed twice just to settle like my flitting hope

She showed me the walls and rooms when I only saw her eyelids move

And gave some figments of her dreams, which I memorized to forever bloom

Then she sometimes walked by my side under the clouds or stars

Narrating her school scenarios, how some were fun and some gave scars

Few thousands of twinkling twilights and amber sunsets elapsed

When I knew she saw me as a bosom friend, one not to twine hearts but hands

So I tried to fade that bright colour which only I could see

Cause I knew she saw my golden rays as ochre when it passed free

I too tried to dim and dull my subtle string of lights

But what’s the point, if it remained tangled in her glass jar under starlight?

I well knew my fainting dead feeling was better than a frozen relationship

So I left the shore, but her dream still drowned my delicate ship

Then somehow I settled in the shadows, tried to grasp breaths a bit

But how do I rescue my heart that’s trapped in her windowpane in every bit?

By Disha Ransingh

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Naman Sehgal
Naman Sehgal
Sep 21, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Excellent poem


Madhusmita Jena
Madhusmita Jena
Sep 12, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Each and every line of this poem swayed me to a different world. Just loved it.


mini ransingh
mini ransingh
Sep 12, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such a heart touching poem!!

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