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A Glowing Light

By Anvi Bahri

No house lies in darkness, No road is left black, No memory has lost its way, It all comes back.

Each face is filled with smile, Every house is colored bright, All lives are filled with love, Every family has a mysterious touch.

All is shining, No stars are left determining, The air is filled with odor Of night jasmine that is left unbothered.

Families are reunited, Everything else is love and habits, Places won’t silence words, Gathering away all its worth.

All the happiness is packed in one, One big round circle, that never explodes, Keeps all on board, Never pinches words out, Like a stitched mouth.

This festival of lights, Is more than bright skies, Its like heaven to people’s eyes, Everything is like a glowing rain,

This Diwali, Let’s all forget, Each other’s pain, Let’s not burst crackers, And let the place stay.

This Diwali, Let’s all show love, To one another, and to our earth.

By Anvi Bahri

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