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A Glimpse Out of Fantasy

By K.Keerthana

Stepping out of my comfort zone

Telling myself you’ll be happy now

Chatting with friends and everything

No one will hurt you again

It's just a memory of past

I tell ,

Life travels different path

I try to trust these words of MINE.

Who knew everything will be a disaster

Out of peace

Me drowning in tears of darkness

Once again .

Colours of love ,

Colours of pain

All I have seen ,

But when it comes to

My life

I’m just colourblind .

What shall I do ?

What shall I choose ?

When I am cracking like

The statue of GLASS.

They say rewrite the stars

But simply my sky is empty

See how unlucky I am

Though I’m not destined to be.

The grasslands are vast to see the end

Standing in the middle of nowhere

Trying to reach the ocean

Which is out of reach

Circling in the same old path

Where should I go ?

Before I lose who I am .

The world spinning

Stop this dilemma

Hope let it be a dream

When I open my eyes

Let me be back in my room

Sitting beside my window

For this day dream ,

Has haemorrhage my soul.

By K.Keerthana

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