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A Girl

By Amatullah Shabbir

Fantasies of a girl delicate and numb

Fooled easily she was that dumb

Brain that is keen ,eyes that dream

But actions does not stream

Healthy brows, curled lashes

Flabby cheeks ,ruby lips

Straight hair, lustorous and dense

Skin covered, life like a suspense

Her father told her to be educated as they are not Stand in your feet, then tie the knot

So that you’re not ashamed of anything u don’t own Instead you buy for those who need the loan

Agreeing to the words of her dad

Okay was the word she said

Rejuvenated she played the role

Inside she was like an empty bowl

Save every penny, the principle she laid Use every bit, the action that played

Craved every bite floating around her head Waited for her turn to be fed

The fourth child, with three elder sisters To her , they were almost like mothers

The pampering environment didn’t last long As they got married and went their homes

Now ,time for her to flew away

But she said she wants to stay

Nothing let her stayed abode

Time of her life to catch another road

The surprise is here my dear!

Not too long the baby is here

Juggling ,struggling ,weeping alone

Cooking ,cleaning ,balancing not to be known

Drenched in the questions taking away the peace Telling her not to cease

Reminiscing the freedom and the calm That is lost ,it is a big harm

Improve, grow and build

Get yourself fully skilled

Immense good still left to endure

Live for it because it’s the cure

However, she stood up and fell

But she denied to live in the hell

Pure speech ,confident eyes

Faith in the maker blew away the lies Swapped herself with a strong mind

Earned and learned to be kind

Now she finds the best even in the scrap Takes the good leaves the crap

All you wish all you want is your trade Get up ,peg away do not be afraid People are born to slander

You are born to work and serve the gender

Plead to God ,not the world

Heat your skin to unfold the knurls Keep track on the diet and fight

Weigh every word and balance the plight

By Amatullah Shabbir

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