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A Fulfilled Dream

By Chaitali Deepesh Sinha

Standing in the water,

Waiting for my turn,

When I was stagnant,

A wave came in the row,

And I fell in the water due to its high flow.

I climbed the banana boat,

Wearing the life jacket,

Being stubborn to sit at front,

Ride started and we were riding over water,

During every bump, my hold was getting tighter.

I rode jet ski for two times,

At first, I felt like sitting on activa,

During second time, it became motorbike,

Both the times it gave me jitter,

But the water that went in the mouth was bitter.

In flying fish, we were in air from waters in seconds,

At first, I returned from a normal boat,

During second time, I sat on the front of boat,

Finishing the ride, I sat on flying fish,

This was an experience fulfilling my one wish.

At lunch we had variety of Indian food,

Giving the feel of Bombay Chowpatty,

Pani-puri, Pav bhaji, Dosa, Gola,

Everything had actual Indian taste,

In bringing the flavour, they aced.

“Preet” enjoyed whole day at the beach,

In cool sea, under the sun light,

It was very peaceful,

To watch different kinds of boats and rides,

And up and down of waves and tides.

By Chaitali Deepesh Sinha

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