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A French Affair

By Prerna Agrawal

with no intended pun

his fingers could do the most tender hair

tuck behind my ear,

play wonderful tonight on a piano and write something like-

“Beware two lovers on a hill

The last dregs of humanity”

substantially he talks about

symplectic matrices and learns

about two strands of DNA,

personifying it due to its virtue of complementarity.

In the accent,apologising for not

being able to take me to an opera

he promises whiskey and watermelon

for breakfast.

He was an artistic fantasy beyond imagination


my lover I could make a mockery

or a poetry out of your charm

too beautiful for me

too wretched for me

even apple yew seeds couldn’t take his life

as the France inside him

demands to get killed on the streets of paris in his lover’s arms.

too fancy for me

too scary for me


with no intended pun

I melt

as his fingers could do the most tender

hair tuck behind my ear.

-anxiously yours

By Prerna Agrawal

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