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A Flood In Time

By Yash Raj Shukla

Drowning waters of a river flood,

Carried souls of those lost in blood;

With earth they flowed, the trees and grass,

Into the unknowns of an ‘Hourglass’.

Lifeless bodies searched for a bank;

Branches afloat, a broken plank;

Mountains, forests, held some hand,

Love and Greed formed a vicious band.

Though a few banked, others washed away,

All hearts had once dreamed to stay;

I watched them try, having myself failed,

With joy, with grief, their voices wailed.

Boulders, rocks, tamed all tide,

Broken vows, faded pride;

I saw it all for the ripples I passed,

Cared less and less and none at last.

Those who stole but a moment away,

Would waste it all in selfish pray;

And so it flowed like an endless hymn,

To death, I slip, in this flooded time!

By Yash Raj Shukla

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