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A Featherless Cap

By Preethish Janardhanan

Childhood was less adventurous, more nascent,

was not a nerd, but soft spoken and prudent.

A favorite child, stark contrary to the present!

It wasn’t an austere environment I was raised in,

Still wonder which cursed soul’s pallbearer was I within.

Despite the quarrels came the laurels, just to reckon the losses in the process.

It was me, prior and later. Deluged by revelry somewhere in between.

That shift from norm to storm, all appeared to be my inverse twin.

Less said the better, yet the offing was not to surrender.

Sooner than later my prudence ushers,

“More power to you”, said the well-wishers.

Past is past I reenforce, for new beginnings of-course!

By Preethish Janardhanan

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