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A Father's Demise

By Kumud Dhankhar

As a hint of the sun began to shine through

I looked outside my window, the yearning grew

The rays were soft and barely there

but my skin seemed to burn bare

The hand was withdrawn, the scar not retained

sometimes it is but the pain that remains

In the garden my brother, who struggles with loss

said ”some lines are drawn, others are crossed”

My sister is a garden of hope

knitting tales is how she copes

she writes of heroes- bearded and wide

it started after father’s demise

My mother is the wisest, her armour is a shawl

“If you climb the ladder you shall endure the fall”

she preaches as how in our hearts he shall stay

in the moonlight is when her tears give way

As the seasons change, time stands still

I remember our time spent climbing the hill

when we sat and shared our last beer,

he said “I’ll always be with you my dear”

now when dinner is served and grace follows

my grief is all I can manage to swallow

By Kumud Dhankhar

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