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A Father's Day

By Juhi Kulkarni

A Father's Day poem

Like a call of thunder on a scorched summer land,

And a cloud soaring high lays a drop on my hand,

The blazing sun is covered by gentle a sheet,

This is the love I feel every time we meet.

No matter how far my travels go,

No matter how many heights I achieve,

It is because of the seeds you sow,

And all the big little things you teach,

From the first walk to the fight bite,

From the the first word that I said,

From the first day of my life,

And for all the moment I know I am cared.

Gratitude is a small word to show,

And so is love and care,

The feelings that I have felt from you,

Can not be shown but just be shared.

From a daughter to my father,

The bond runs deep in my veins,

The love that is shared between us,

Has covered up all the hurt and pains.

A Father's day may come and go,

But the love flowers every day,

And no matter what happens in our lives,

I know you'll love me come what may.

By Juhi Kulkarni

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