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A Family So Known

Updated: Jan 12

By Vidhi Kumbhat

The luminous family of the burning star,

Each member so varied, so different and far.

The sun is the father, the provider of all,

The earth, the frail old mother wrapped in a delicate blue shawl.

The jealous red sister stared at the mother with spite,

By a matter of a few million kilometres, why do you always get to be in the planets’ spotlight?

The youngest sisters, closest to their father’s heart they are,

Forced to endure the temper of the continuously burning star!

Following the fourth one are two unbothered girls,

Too worried about their looks, they show off their round rings and necklaces with whirls.

Next are two boys who yearn for their father’s love,

For all they got from him, was a humongous icy dove.

The last is the member so tiny and missed,

The long-lost member with its little soul just disappeared in the solar mist.

Each member so different, so far but closely knit,

Moving around their father, a candle that’s always lit.

Their differences and feelings though different from each other,

Is the beauty of the family that keeps them together.

By Vidhi Kumbhat

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