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A Eulogy To The Stars

By Misha Raj


someone overflows

like a deserted pool in the rain.

And a star blinks out in the night.


two hearts promise to meet again.

in a world that isn’t so unforgiving.

These immutable structures

Can’t be the end.

There are galaxies

between our eyelids

in the cracks of our skins.

They shift and swirl

like silver smoke.

Slip past desperate fingers

whispering of a universe

that hasn’t yet made itself known.

The ground is cornstarch.

Dizzyingly malleable.

The air is solid.

From the fingerprints of a thousand souls.

We find ourselves

in traces of molten silver.

Faded footprints

on a quicksand core.

Peals of laughter ring through the sky

So hard; it weeps dew drops.


Across all this space

Our galaxies string themselves

into an unending ball of twine.

They swirl into a primal darkness

Where tears feel like joy


shadows glow into golden suns.


among the muddy leaves

and crystal crevices

Two hearts meet again.

And the universe explodes

Like a myriad of sparkling stars.

By Misha Raj

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