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A Droplet In My Ocean Of Dreams

By Arlene Nayak

Tiny droplets filled my ocean of dreams;

Who says this one will be different;

But for some reason;

When this droplet called a dream fell;

It made a small ripple of determination;

And I realized;

I wanted to make this one a reality.

For many days I worked to improve;

Aiming for success;

Driven by that ripple;

And with each day that ended;

The ripple grew;

Until it was no longer determination:

But passion.

Though sometimes, I pondered;

What if I failed?

And then the ripple faded back into the still sea;

But when I could go on no more;

A bigger droplet fell.

That droplet wasn’t driven from only my dream;

Instead, from the dreams of others;

It made a ripple bigger than the last;

A ripple of passion and determination;

That pushed me to keep going.

And in the end, that little droplet called a dream;

Became a reality;

Because of passion and support;

For if it had not;

I wouldn’t have been writing this poem.

By Arlene Nayak

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