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A Drop Of Nothing

By Krishna Salim

A drop of tear rolled down my cheeks

As i stared at my own reflection

In a blink, my heartbeat raised and

My body heated up like a hot pot on fire

I was unaware why these tears have escaped

The prison of my heart today

There is a sense of emptiness in me

A sense of restlessness as I am clueless of my own self.

A sense of numbness to the things happening around me

I feel trapped like the fish caught on net

Struggling to breathe, Tried of trying

And just like that a drop of something took away my identity

If you think my love is creating a wreck in your love

Only then I will step back my love

I will sacrifice my wings for you

Allowing you to fly high and be happy ever after

I don't want to chain you down to the ground with my love

If I do so then what is even love?

That will be a disrespect to my whole being itself

You wanted a baggage less soul to be with

But humans come with baggage’s, it's their existence

One day when my soul becomes free of these

Baggage’s, that day you shall come to visit me with

The smell of roses, prayers of heaven and a drop of something

Only then our breath will intertwine again

And may be giggle about the good times we had by chance.

By Krishna Salim

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