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A Dream's Plea

Updated: Mar 11

By Harmeet Kaur

Running in a rat race, is undeniably an art,

But wait, didn’t you start out to follow your heart?

Where did those goals and passions go?

How did those zealous aspirations outgrow?

Crushing your goals with your own two feet,

How, dear human, did you press delete?

Didn’t it break your heart to get stuck here?

Surrendering to money, living in despair.

Those unfinished pages are waiting for you,

Come, take my hand and follow me through.

Scribble a verse before the ink runs dry,

Pen a moonless night or a starlit sky.

The nature and hills are in queue,

Eagerly waiting to finally meet you.

Your essence, your being await your sight,

Take the bold step, you’ll be alright.

So, listen to your soul, begin anew,

Liven up, it’s time to brew,

A completely fresh, an untold tale,

A new life you’re ready to unveil.

I personify the visions of your heart,

Hold my hand, let’s press restart.

Unlock your ambitions, lend an ear to me,

Embrace my love, this is a dream's plea.

By Harmeet Kaur

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