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A Divine Encounter

By Nishant Pandey

Just a random day of pandemic calendar,

I was done with my shift, It was my time to ponder..

Eyes closed, Body dead, mind became an absconder,

I was feeling like falling, Oh! This dream is a blunder..

Finally landed in a place full of darkness and thunder,

It was not a dream but an act of plunder,

Of my soul from my body “what to do?” I was in wonder,

Then a light came to me and asked, “Ready to surrender?”..

Who are you? I asked with fear but in voice of brave,

I am the inventor of cosmos, It’s destructor and also it’s slave,

I am the journey of soul from womb and beyond grave,

I am empty, full, beginning and end of this pave,

I am Tsunami, Still water, cyclone and breezy wave,

I am the action, the emotion and the wisdom which you crave,

I am everything and yet have no existence , I am Mahadev..

I surrendered and asked, “Why am I here, I am no saint?”

“It’s Karma, Answer for everything, Make your mind acquaint,

It is anger, pleasure, love, hatred, peace and strain,

It is the house, colour and the process of paint,

It remains after death in cosmos as one’s maint..

“Mahadev” I spoke and my eyes opened in the material world.

“Death is the ultimate truth ” Everyone says , It’s Karma I have known

By Nishant Pandey

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