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A Difficult Part

By M.Yasaswi

I got up thinking of you,

I wore my red dress to see you.

You were standing on the hills,

Thinking of me,

You turned;

Because you knew I came

You just knew

You loved me in my sleeveless red dress,

A dress that tied around my neck.

You came up to me and hugged me!

And I knew how that day was going to turn out

We were going to talk,

Have intimate conversations

We were going to be right there,

In the midst of our love!

You were going to make me laugh,

Make me dance to no music,

And you were going to enjoy my humoured talks as well.

We would sit in the middle of the bed of roses and have our picnic lunch

After that,

You were going to lie down on my lap

Hear me talk

Let me complain of all my petty issues in my life right then

You will be looking up at me,

Love in your eyes,

All ears and eyes to every little change in my face.

You are going to run after me,

Cuddle me,

Kiss me,

Tell me you love me and mean it.

All this actually did happen with a lot more excitement than I can ever write about!

In the evening you took me dancing,

Touched me everywhere,

Watched me forget the world and dance,

Then you took me to the beach;

Carried my slippers,

Walked barefoot with me;

In silence,

Just lost in the beauty of me and the sea.

The day ended in silence;

And it was difficult to part ways.

By M.Yasaswi

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