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A Different Langua Franca

By Paramjit Bakhshi

If I was to fall in love

In this day and age,

There would be

Mayhem, no I exaggerate

But for sure some battle

On our WhatsApp chat.

I am certain

She would communicate in Greek

Normally called emojis

And to understand

And I would have to fall back

Upon a Facebook chart.

Thankfully though nothing

Would be lost in translation

Considering how little

Is said.

And she would hardly appreciate

My quoting Shelley

" I cannot give what men call love.

But wilt thou accept not.

The worship the heart lifts above.

And the Heavens reject not."

"What ", she would scream,

"The hell does that mean"

You telling me

You don't love me!!!!

After all the creative

Combinations I made and sent"

she would shout

Or even

And I would protest

"But you don't understand"

Won't you at least let me finish."

"Who has time honey

I gotta attend to

A lot of chat.

You really think I

Should rack my brains

To understand your kinda love"

She would spew.

Though I am not sure

She might just

Quietly slip away.

And block me if pursued.

There would be no

Last seen

On her chat

And the ticks would never

Turn blue.

Turn purple

I am sure I would.

It might never happen

But imagine if it should.

By Paramjit Bakhshi

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