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A Day Without Her

By Keerthana J

My days are lying in a corner,

Stoned, Crippled, and rusted.

Days and Nights stretch too long,

When I'm all alone without her.

I could see her everywhere,

Sometimes lying beside me,

Ergo, my blurred eyes betrays me

That it could reflect only her

Like an unquenchable mirage.

Pictures of her are my only assets,

Which I cannot be happy without witnessing.

I never get bored of seeing her same pics

Yet I go deep and deep for everytime I leap.

She is my moon and sun,

Without whom my days are incomplete.

My phone would be in my hand

Hoping she would text me or call me.

My curiosity and patience becomes a mess

And it ends up in anxiety and disappointment.

My tears couldn't stop welling

Whenever I miss her.

Believe this would be the last time I shed tears alone,

Then, she will be along with me to wipe away my tears.

My heart understood that I should never let her go,

Cause it's hard to handle a day without her.

Her rememberance are my living memory,

Scattered as the stars in my night sky,

Waiting for her to become my constant star.

By Keerthana J

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