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A Day Of A Net Aspirant

By Archana Ramachandran

Somewhat perplexed , stressed , blinked

As if I am alone in the unknown isle

Wandering with the books of strangers

Numbering the names of linguists

Attending numerous Mock tests and Webinars

Evaluating and questioning often in a day

Recalling the million characters of English,

American , African , Commonwealth etc…

Memorizing the lines of Keats, Donne, Herbert

Counting the days , hours and even seconds

Realizing how precious time is ! and

How poor my brain is ! Oh !

Forgetting Lamb after reading Bacon

Entering into the world of Wordsworth

Learning even after Coleridge’s fancy and imagination

Buying and borrowing the books still.

Mine oppo is quite terribly

Loaded with number of poetical screenshots

Passing several happyless , sleepless days

Spending number of three hundred for learning

Eating , standing , and lying with criticisms

Hoping that something Good will happen …….!!

By Archana Ramachandran

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