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A Date With The Spirit

By Gurkirat Singh Aulakh

The fantasy and charisma to be in the highest spirit . One day drove a teetotaller for a date with the spirit . Welcome nod by the vodka and the beer . Affection surfaced and everyone appeared near and dear The taste buds hopped for the cocktail taste The steps bounced the turf in haste . The gut had the guts to accommodate the pint . The athlete was on the track for the sprint With the gulping of another peg . There was a twist and a shake in the leg .

The waylaying by the mighty Gin Crescendo in the smile and a peculiar grin The sparkling eyes and the butterfly walk . Vis a vis the rendezvous ‘on the rocks ‘ A few sips and flirts with romantic wine . The blushed hue , the eager shine The olfactory triggers by the brandy and the rum And lo , the musician could play orchestra on the bum(s) The crowd pulling wink by the whisky . The ‘Yachting ‘on the bike in the laned high (way) sea Oh no , last but not the least , the seducing Scotch Amidst Drifting in the wonderland , gone topsy turvy and hotchpotch Isssss thissssssssss allllllll? asked the bibulous ‘teatotaller’ staring at the gallon . ‘Infinity ‘! echoed the bar , ‘lest you don’t mind being akin to a melon ‘

By Gurkirat Singh Aulakh

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