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A Dark Night

By Charvi Solanki

It's a dark night

Staring upwards

I lay hopeful

That maybe today I will see it

A spark, a flicker of light

To show me, to guide me

In finding that purpose

I lay hopeful

That the stars will sparkle

A spark is all I need

But the stars are combustion chambers

And sometimes the fire

They ignite inside me

With all its creative and intruding glory

It wants to fuel me

But I let it

Let it burn me

And hiding is all I see

Ignorance becomes my credo

Becomes the door out

Becomes the hand that picks me up

Seeing isn't always believing

And that hand may mean good or malevolence

But you never really know

It may let go or was that me?

Ignorance is truly bliss

But I know bliss needs reason

And after sometime I realise

It was I that let go

Wake up!

Is the cry of my heart and brain

For once they agree

To find and lose myself

To grow the good and weaken the bad

For I am the only one capable

And suddenly the fire ignites again

As I seek the stars on a dark night

I lay hopeful that today I will see it

Just to remember

A spark, a flicker of light

But stars have always been mysteries

And danger lurks there

They tease all of us

Make us feel small

So small to the universe

A comprehension not possible for us

Hiding it's secrets in ways that mock us

That say you will never know

If you have a purpose or a reason

But if it isn't given to us

We get to define our own

And maybe it's okay if we don't know

But as I reach out to the stars

I realise that

Some days it's a starry night

Some days it's a dark one

But it is us who have to find the light

By Charvi Solanki

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