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A Cry

By Gulzabin Ara

Stampede of human emotion flows,

Expression of joyous moment,

A sadness when ‘A Heart is hurt’,

Tickling Heart covered by Scars,

Sour taste, throat numb without a fuel,

A CRY makes Uncut Path.

A Child restless to understand the world,

Legs twitch pink to red, eyes scout place to stuck,

Unknown expression finds tears more comfortable,

Unassailable in bed, safe from this Spooky World,

A new born finds New World a hustle.

A belief that human mind creates,

An Imposed Possession of Superfluous Strength,

A Cry, if never happened when sane,

And If Yet to be, Breaking Barrier that is tailor made,

A Joy of Cry melts iron rod within the rusting Minds...

By Gulzabin Ara

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