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A Cold Chilly Night Of December 2021

By Gunpreet Singh Sachdeva

Sitting on my bed right

On a chilly December night

With situations really tight

Turning me pale white.

The clock silently struck twelve

And the problem just couldn't dwell

It was nearing the winter solstice

The longest of the nights assistance.

Just then a chilly wind comes rushing in

Without a real visible source or entry fin.

And with itself it brings

The winter's silent rings.

A peace is introduced

Complete sheer silence is induced.

I cozy myself a bit under my blanket

And tried to bring some warmth in my bracket.

This silence was randomly broken

With some small sound tokens

A bit here, a bit there

But that feel of silence was still there

A distant sound of the theme of a movie

Another distant sound of a song too groovy.

A sound of happily laughing kids in some house

Or the sounds of a slipping mouse

Random sounds rise from the silence

But can't really handle its essence

So they swell to ultimately die back

Bringing that eerie silence back.

Eerie, because it feels deafening

Eerie, because it feels all threatening.

Yet elegantly carrying a certain kind of peace

Which is a bit scary in its each piece.

I get up to make a coffee for me

For 'I'll drink it in the blanket' glee

Happily making and then taking it

I am just sitting here enjoying my bit

By Gunpreet Singh Sachdeva

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