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A Cobbler's Mind - A Sole Shoe’s Search For A Soulmate

By Asha Latha Mathew

Does finding the right shoe really matter? No, I wasn't referring to the fact that the interviewer tends to glance at your feet the first thing in an interview. I was referring to the connection that shoes have got with empathy. Get it?

For the past few years, this is one phrase that I keep hearing quite often. The moment you ask a psychology student, "What is empathy?” they robotically spit this reply onto your face (or rather your foot), "To be in someone else's shoes", as if it's cakewalk. Though the reply seems all fancy, I was pondering on the deeper meaning of the phrase, and

my racing mind crossed the following milestones...

Footwear comes in all categories, there are slippers, some wear sneakers, some people have got just socks with holes, and some walk barefoot.

So, that's quite a

shoe shelf out there, not just that one Hawaii slipper you have been clutching onto since Adam's time.

The second thing about footwear is that they come in all sizes and shapes. We have US, UK and God knows maybe UAE also. And when we come to shapes, there are

high heels, flats and the recent stilettos. Some are pointed (Beware, they hurt), Some expose your toes, while some are totally covered (The stamp-me-nots).

The most awkward factor about all footwear regardless of the shape, size or brand, they are all smelly (Now I know where the term "stinking minds" come from). All footwear stink and the odours are not bearable at all times. Access is not always granted to footwear because they treasure the darkest, most mysterious, and soiled secrets, which no matter how much you try to fit into, just don't fit you if they are not your size.

And if you are still brave enough to (which is expected at times) share a smelly shoe, Beware! A shoe bite or who knows even worse, elephantiasis (I never imagined I would ever use that word when

they taught me that in school) might be in stock for you. Sharing a smelly shoe rack is not so easy, unless the perfect pair (That's why it's called a pair of shoes) comes along.

Here I walk away... Hope it was not too stinky….

By Asha Latha Mathew

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