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A Clock Without Needle

By Deeksha Agrawal

When discrete sounds of vessels of water

and soulless canisters chatter and clutter

I know

I need to drink

Drink from the well of words


you belong do not wander

Those places exist but do not serve,

The unreal scenarios, are imaginary, haunted stories

Here are your people when you smile at them in a beautiful transaction dead fireflies wake up

as if they swallowed a pinch of life

with expensive wine

Each grain of air, freckle of fire, carries a seed,

that flowers into inspiration leaking on typewriters satiating hunger for stories of lonely, lovely children

A lifetime concludes but stories stay

The presence of absent people is a legacy

carried by generations

of flowers and mud, needles of timeless clocks,

and everything they touched!

By Deeksha Agrawal

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