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A Class In Economics

By Divya Jain

A sweltering breeze blows by my side, carrying my mind to a snowy night. Droning words pass through my ears, as a yawn tugs at my lips.

Income and taxes of life disturb me, sleep fights the economy for my attention. Boredom is produced and annoyance is distributed, but the consumer remains rational and monotonous.

Fictional examples of daily life, that handful of people relate to.

The poor and the wealthy are taxed, but even still, are progressively so.

What is intermediate and not, on this teachers differ in thought. A bell finally wails in the corridor, but the teacher screams to finish the topic.

And so, (more than) seventy minutes, are wasted of time precious. Demand for understanding is more than supply, Before going to the mountains, my brain waves goodbye.

By Divya Jain

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