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A Chirpy Rain

By Kanyaka Jena

It was a sunny and windy day.

The sky was sparkling blue,

Small white puffs of clouds drifted.

The birds chirped gaily,

As they went on with their daily routine.

The leaves danced with the wind,

The branches waved in synchrony.

Dark clouds peeped from the

South-west corner of the sky.


Came a sudden burst of wind,

Jolting the branches.

The birds looked back in unison.

A dark blanket was spreading,

Covering every visible bit of the blue sky.

A few more bursts and it started raining.

As I watched, the rain wash away the dust around,

Two birds rushed into my balcony, drenched.

They looked at the sky, then at each other,

And started chirping loudly

Maybe discussing about the untimely rain.

I sat, a few meters away

Hearing them chirp as more of their friends joined,

Feeling the rainwater sprinkle on my face.

Filling my nostrils with the fresh smell of rain,

Sipping my cup of tea with a plate of pakodas…

By Kanyaka Jena

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