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A Cheshire's Hoax

By Mahathy Mohan

Her pretty face was adorned by a smile. A fake smile, she thought. But a smile nonetheless was the only consolence. And she clicked another picture. They say that, the eyes never lie. Her's did. Never did the calm of her eyes, show the turmoil of her heart. Unknown to the world, were the secrets and lies that plagued her mind.

Each day a part of her dies, And she would wonder how much longer she'd be able to keep up her guise. She would act all tough, But would be weak with pain. The pretending slowly driving her insane. The blood of her wounded heart rushed through her veins, Speaking of sadness in a melancholy strain. She seemed so perfect. Her blinding smile hid her scarred soul. But there's more underneath the surface. You just have to care enough to see through the veil.

By Mahathy Mohan

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