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A Chat With Nature

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

By Sai Madhu Samhita Gollapalli

I walked along the dusty lane leading to the forest.

I could hear the distant chirping of birds,

I could feel the cold wind ruffling my hair,

I could see the trees whispering amongst themselves,

Wondering who I was.

I tried making their acquaintance,

With a warm smile,

And slowly walked into the forest.

The scent of damp earth greeted me.

I lost track of time,

As I wandered deeper and deeper into the forest,

Not in the least feeling scared.


I saw splashes of brown amidst the thick green plants.

Two deer stood there,

Quite unaware of my presence.

I caught a glimpse of the reflection of the deer,

In the sparkling water of the lake.

Their browned, strong body

And a gentleness that could be felt,

Made them beautiful.

I stopped breathing for a second,

Feeling they might be disturbed if they heard me.

As I looked at them in awe

They ran away swiftly,

Leaving me alone with the wilderness...

By Sai Madhu Samhita Gollapalli

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